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King George's Field

The green bit around the gym. The "green bit around the gym" would seem to be how many people refer to this common space (its officially called King George Field) and it's strangely neglected by Grays residents as it's mostly empty most of the time, even on warm sunny days - ok, not totally deserted but compared to other parks and play areas in term of grass, all much smaller, it would rank as empty.
So what is the appeal that we write about it? Principally this is the largest green space in the immediate area, certainly larger than anything in Grays itself. Grays is very good at cement, roads and Pound shops but fractionally less devoted to the development of its green spaces, so for this reason alone it earns our devotion. Also its home to four different sports clubs three of which have their own grounds so don't take over the common spaces at all. Blackshots Park is somewhat of a haven if you need to get away from things for a short time. It's also the best place to jog and not be around other people. Its home to a surprisingly diverse playground that it is clearly very popular with kids; it has a skateboard park as well so the older ones flock here too. Finally with the many trees dotted of its fields how it is not a more common place to picnic is also a mystery. Our final thought is to advice residents to use this space more readily lest someone decides that as it's not used enough so let's to turn it into houses or worse more traveling gypsies could decide to take up camp here. It's an article for another time but a neighbouring park close to Blackshots is now under siege from these people and they simply do not care for environment or the preservation of it so it falls to you and we urge you to raise this issue with the local MP - that's the newly elected Jackie Doyle-Price – Tel: 01375 802029.

Postcode: RM16 2JU

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