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One of the world's great architects lives just 20 mins from Grays Town centre... Who? And what did he build??

One of the country's finest and most renowned architects used to live less than 20 mins from Grays, his name was Herbert Baker and he is the man responsible for the Bank of England (amongst much else).
Herbert Baker is one of the lesser well known historical architects but why this should be so is a mystery since he lived a full life designing buildings of distinction (Bank of England, Rhodes house -Oxford, one of the grand stands at Lords and much else).
He was born in this very house in 1862 and grew up here. It was the family home and was generously donated to the National Trust back in the 1938, apparently feeling that such a dwelling needed to be maintained for posterity. (Doubtless to the consternation of the descendants who still live in a small part of the house) One wonders how often they curse their luck that it's not all theirs to exploit anymore.
It's not the biggest or most stately homes you will ever see, indeed you probably know someone who lives in something equal or even bigger but that's beside the point.
The house dates back to the times of Charles II, 1684, built by wealthy farmers of the time (Herbert's parents no less). It a fine example of architecture of the time and has been superbly maintained. It takes merely minutes to visit and appreciate the buildings interior but the real pay-off is the way you are invited to dwell in the gardens with the courtesy of benches and free teas, coffees and cakes laid on for you to help yourself to (you are encouraged to make a small donation for this though- which we did).
Pick a sunny day to go visit. The relaxing in the garden bit really is a pleasant way to pass an hour. You even get the pet chickens coming to make friends with you.

Put this in your sat-nav and enjoy - DA12 3AP

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