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Tilbury Riverside

History and tranquillity minutes away.

Not too long ago in the news Tilbury gained media coverage for being the setting of the latest tragic incident of people trying to enter the country illegally and on mass, weather fleeing persecution or simply taking a chance on a better life seems to have not been granted much coverage in the follow up news; only the eye catching headline bit of - death, and immigrants, two words guaranteed to get front page coverage these days, but we take some space here to merely cast a light on Tilbury for its stunning riverside and reflect on the thought that were these individuals not locked up in a container lorry, and instead on deck this is what they would have viewed as they entered their "new world".

The Stretch of walk along this river straddles the historic Fort and on the far bank lies Gravesend; so in a way you could say that no other path in Thurrock is boarded by such historic significance, or though why Gravesend doesn't make more of their history, particularly Pocahontas is amazing. But that aside this stretch of path which runs for neatly 1.5 miles before puttering-out provides you with some of the best views of the river and river traffic there is to be had. It's clearly popular with dog-walkers (their mess can be a little too apparent sometimes) but if you park at its western end (its free) and make that walk towards the factory at the far end you get a pleasant sense of being out of Thurrock and away from the concrete and noise that can be all too apparent. Of course you will need some decent weather, or at least decent light to appreciate this spectacle but at the end of it, on your return; is the Worlds End pub that is surprisingly good given how it seems to be neglected by all but truck drivers, its interior being remarkably well decorated with heavy wood fixtures and with various wall mounted memorabilia related to the area's maritime past, all of which manages that neat trick of being both large but cosy. This corner of Thurrock is a superb match of countryside and history but best of all its largely derelict of discarded beer cans and people clutter. We recommend it for a Sunday morning stroll or Jog.

Postcode: RM18 7NR

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