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Wat Tyler Country Park

The park that gives and keeps on giving. A few weeks ago we wrote about this park and how totally cool it was for the kids to play at and explore, and of course the availability of cheap and plentiful coffee is not to be ignored either.
This week we want to revisit this location to point out something ewe rather shamefully left out last time. And that it's not just a playground it is in fact a huge nature reserve where you can walk for many minutes and not encounter anyone else, it has the field with a forest feel to it. As you wonder around and explore you come up against various examples of sculptures and conceptual art scattered around. There are signs explaining the origins of these, usually some student commissioned to go nuts and leave something unusual but not too wild for the dwellers to ponder over. There are numerous large ponds teeming with wildlife and help attract an impressive bird population (the main visitor centre boasts over 200 different species) though we concede we saw nothing unusual or diverting.
Ultimately this is a green space to wonder around (as you would Epping forest for example) and take in and feel that you're away from the cement and concreate that defines too much of Essex. The park boarders a small harbour with a scattering of boats parked up on the Thames, it's also very worthy. Even if this is not your thing then the cafe is always there and they have a balcony. Now that is everyone's thing surly.

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