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Wat Tyler Country Park - Playground

One of the most interesting and interactive parks there is in Essex.
Entertaining your kids over the Easter holidays can always throw up some challenges as you rack your brain on where to take them and what to do. We know this, it's never more than 3 days into a mid-term break before you feel like you have exhausted all the opportunities on your doorstep. This week we wanted to try and help you out a little and point to a park that is, admittedly, a good 20 mins away in the car, but is so good at what it does in terms of throwing-up diversion out for you and the children that you will think the 20 min car ride as nothing to worry about at-all.
Wat Tyler Park, so called after the Revolutionary leader of what's known as the "1381 Up-Rising" when he came from out of Kent leading a peasants revolt against a Poll tax that was crippling the locals and common man's ability to live. It's alleged that a tax collector indecently assaulted his daughter and Tyler killed him out of rage, the revolt swiftly followed where he marched with his followers to London and took on the local sheriff in protest, he ultimately won his battle but lost his life in the process.
Today he has a free and amazing park named after him with every imaginable amenity available for the kids of all ages, and while they play away on the rather brilliant and imaginative apparatus on offer you can get acquainted with nicely presented foods, teas and coffees available at the park Café. If it starts raining you can even visit the arts centre located next to the car park (though this costs about £3 entry). The whole park is built on 125 square acres of park next to Pitsea so there is plenty of green space to explore and wildlife to spot once the playground gets boring.
If this space doesn't keep your little ones happy then nothing will.

Postcode: SS16 4UH
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